Fall Arrest Systems

Well thought-out products and services for fall prevention of people are some of PRO-TECH’s critical success factors.

Building structures and industrial plants are safely and efficiently cleaned and maintained with PRO-TECH systems.

User-friendliness, quality, aesthetics and cost-effectiveness are features of every PRO-TECH system.

Fall arrest systems have to be provided and used according to national and international legislation.

Possible solutions to avoid a fall accident can be balustrades and handrails. Sometimes, in cases of temporary work, particulary with regard to inspection and maintenance, fall arrest systems and personal protective equipment (PPE) can be used.

Efficent fall arrest solutions are composed of:

  • fall arrest (full body) harness and fall arrest lanyard (with shock absorber),
  • appropriate horizontal lifelines / anchorage points.

Effectiveness of fall arrest is substantially depending on employees willingness tu use the system. It is not sufficient to provide PPE and HLLs or APs. Solutions have to be usefully chosen and must be integrated into workflow. Willingness to use fall arrest systems will be enhanced.

For window cleaning operations from inside a building with risk of a fall hazard usually APs should be adequate for such workplaces. In case of STANDORTVER TÄTIGKEITEN (e.g. cleaning or inspection of gutters) HLLs should be used because of their advantages.

Soley as long as fall arrest systems are integrated into workflow they will be used an can avoid dangers!

PTS-HLL horizontal lifelines are fixed to the constrution i regular distances with stainless steel cable guides. The stainless steel wire rope can be used from the beginning to the end of HLL. With the attachment device all cable guides and corners can be passed freely, without detaching and reattaching the fall arrest lanyard.

PTS-HLL horizontal lifeline can be used for all kind cleaning, inspection and maintenance operations on roofs, facades and industrial facilities.

For local worplaces, e.g. cleaning of simple windows, PTS-AP anchorage points can be used. Such APs are also applied on occasional operations on roofs or similar situations.

Fall arrest systems are subject to European Directive 89/686/EEC.

PRO-TECH´s complete range of products meets the requirements of legislation. All products are approved and additionally covered by internal and external quality surveillance.


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